3kg Blood and Bone Pellets

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Product Code: BB3
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What are they?

These clean and easy to use pellets are tried and true Blood and Bone in a pellet form.

What are the benefits of using Blood and Bone Pellets?

They are so simple to use! They are totally organic and an excellent conditioner for your garden. 

  • Great for vegetables
  • Suitable for shrubs and flowers
  • Apply at 100g as a top dress for vegetables
  • Blend with exisitng soil for shrubs and flowers

How do I use these pellets?

For vegetables apply 100g as a top dress 10-15cm from the main stem. Can be mixed with the soil at the same rate.

For shrubs blend 100g into existing soil and cover with a good organic mulch like our Compost

For flowers apply 100g to the soil prior to planting. Once the buds start to come through, re-apply at 50g per square metre.

Helpful Hint: Water thoroughly after application. Other pellet pails available are 3kg Chicken Manure Pellets and 3kg Sheep Pellets

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