Teddington Chip 20L

Brand: Intelligro
Product Code: EETC20
Reward Points: 7
Ex Tax: $7.39

What is it?

Teddington Chip is is a 20-40mm brown and orange coloured chip. This chip is larger in size than our other chips.

Where would I use Teddinton Chip in my garden?

It is most commonly used in areas where you want to make a statement in your garden due to its unique colour and larger size. As time passes and the chip breaks off. the inside becomes shiny rustic colour meaning it remains very decorative and adds an extra dimension of colour to your garden setting. Here are some other uses and benefits of using Teddington Chip on your garden:

  • Imporoves overall look
  • Adds character to your outdoor setting
  • Helps to maintain an even soil temperature
  • Helps to conserve water meaning less need for frequent watering

Helpful hint: Try using this chip around the wet areas of the house to help prevent pooling. 

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