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Gardena 2hr Water Timer
What is it? The Gardena 2hr water timer allows you more freedom when it comes to watering the gar..
Ex Tax: $28.09
Gardena Classic 2 in 1 Adjustable Spray Gun
Gardena 2 in 1 adjustable spray gun nozzle.  Ideal for watering and cleaning with a fine mis..
Ex Tax: $17.13
Gardena Hand Held Hedge Trimmer
What is it? This lightweight hand held hedge trimmer is great for trimming small hedges. It has a..
Ex Tax: $318.09
Gardena Hose Tidy
What is it? This handy wall hose bracket will help you keep your hoses tidy. It is the easiest an..
Ex Tax: $16.09
Gardena Polo Sprinkler 250
Product Information  Great for areas around the garden that need require an even irrigation ..
Ex Tax: $38.44
Gardena Premium 19mm Hose Connector
What is it? Gardena Premium 19mm hose connector. Product Features Heavy duty Hard wear..
Ex Tax: $12.17
Gardena Premium Adjustable Hose Nozzle
What is it? The Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle is hard wearing due to its metal component..
Ex Tax: $36.61
Gardena Premium Full or Half Circle Pulse Sprinkler on Sled
What is it? Premium Gardena full or half circle pulsing sprinkler on a plastic sled. Great for ir..
Ex Tax: $78.61
This Gardena Premium SkinTech Hose is made of high-quality material and is stable in shape. Its..
Ex Tax: $44.00
Gardena Spreader
Product Information  High quality plastic spreader with a 45cm spreading width. This spreade..
Ex Tax: $88.70
Gardena Terraline Spade
What is it? The Gardena Terraline spade is great for digging, removing, loosening and transplatin..
Ex Tax: $64.61
Gardena Twin Tap Connector
Product Information  Connect two accessories to one tap easily with this twin tap connector...
Ex Tax: $44.78
Gardena Water Smart Flow Meter
Product Information  A great way to accurately monitor water usage in the garden. Supplies u..
Ex Tax: $49.57
Gardena Weeding Trowel
Product Information  This weeding trowel is easy to use and removes weeds efficiently. ..
Ex Tax: $34.26
Plastic Coated Metal Stake 1200mm
What are they? These plastic coated metal stakes are great for securing plants that need extra he..
Ex Tax: $2.87