Hydroponic Mix

Brand: Intelligro
Product Code: HMHP35
Reward Points: 15
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What is Hydroponic Mix?

This Hydroponic Growing Mix is a specially formulated blend of coir fibre and peat with the addition of Tricho Protection. The coir and peat mixture is an organic material which breaks down and decomposes slowly making it perfect for Hydroponic growing. This pH neutral mix will hold the moisture very well and will provide good aeration for the root system. The added Tricho Protection actively stimulates root growth and provides a barrier against root disease.


Hydroponic growing can be a technical process with several different methods involving various items of equipment all delivering different results. As the plants are in a ‘soil less’ environment all the nutrients is delivered via a nutrient rich water solution. Ensure the seedlings or cuttings are planted securely in the Hydroponic Growing Mix and then connected to the water system. Done correctly, hydroponically grown produce can be more nutritional and taste better. The added benefit is it can be done in small areas.

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