Safe-Fall Playground Chip

Brand: Intelligro
Product Code: LSSF
Reward Points: 86
$100.00 /cubic metre
Ex Tax: $86.96


What is it?

Safe- Fall is a fully certified product that is manufactured in Canterbury from twice ground wood chips. It lasts longer thank bark nuggets and really does look great in the playground.

What are the benefits of Safe Fall Bark?

This product is a cost effective way to cover a playground area - with the added benefit of it being certified for use under playground equipment. This product is used extensively in parks, schools and recreation areas around Canterbury.

  • Provides protection from impact under children’s play areas
  • Is fully compliant with NZS 5828:2004
  • Cost effective
  • Maintains a more even soil temperature when applied on a garden 
  • Prevents weeds from coming through when applied at 100mm depth
  • Helps prevent the area getting boggy in winter and drying out in summer

Helpful Hint: Got a large area to cover and haven't got the time or effort to spread it yourself? Ask us about how we can apply it for you with our Mulch Man truck!

*Please note our loader bucket is a 1/2 cubic metre. 1 scoop = 1/2 cubic metre, and is half the cubic metre price.

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