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Lawn Fertiliser 7kg
Are you after a lush, green lawn? South-Hort Lawn Fertiliser is designed to enhance your lawn, givin..
Ex Tax: $14.35
Lawn Soil 20L
This mix has been used extensively in the turf and landscape industries due to its ease of handling ..
Ex Tax: $6.96
Lime Chip 20
PLEASE CALL FOR DELIVERY OPTIONS PH (03) 347 9415 Waipapa lime is very popular due to its creamy ..
$170.00 /cubic metre
Ex Tax: $147.83
Nitrophoska Extra 20kg
What is Nitrophoska? Nitrophoska is one of the most recognised fertilsers on the market. Each gra..
Ex Tax: $50.17
Organic Growing Mix 35L
Organic Growing Mix is an all purpose growing media suitable for a wide range of vegetables, plants ..
Ex Tax: $13.04
Patio Plus 35L - Excellent as a Begonia Mix
Patio Plus is excellent for growing Begonias! With all the bells and whistles, you can be rest as..
Ex Tax: $14.35
Peat 35L
  Peat is also known as Peat Moss or Spagnum Peat. It helps to create a healthier plant ro..
Ex Tax: $9.57
Pot Ash (Potassium Sulphate)
What is it? Potassium Sulphate is more commonly known as Pot Ash. It provides essential potassium..
Ex Tax: $31.91
Potato Fertiliser 7kg
What is it? Potato fertiliser is designed to give your potato crop a boost of nutrients to help s..
Ex Tax: $15.48
Pumice 4-10mm 20L
Pumice is used most commonly in the Nursery industry for striking cuttings and in propagation mixes...
Ex Tax: $12.17
Rooster Booster Soil Conditioner 35L
Rooster Booster is a combination of aged pine bark, rotted sawdust and chicken manure. It is a great..
Ex Tax: $9.57
Seed Raising Mix 10L
Seed Raising Mix has been scientifcally blended to create an excellent mix for all your seedlings. I..
Ex Tax: $8.26
Sheep Pellets 6kg
What are the benefits of using Sheep Pellets? They are an excellent source of nutrition for the g..
Ex Tax: $12.61
Super Scree 35L
Super Scree Mulching Bark is a brand name of our top-selling bark mulch. It is best described as a f..
Ex Tax: $7.39
Superphosphate 7kg
What is it? Superphosphate is specifically blended to promote and encourage healthy root gro..
Ex Tax: $10.52