Bark Mulch Super Scree 35L

Brand: South-Hort
Product Code: HNBMSS35
Reward Points: 7
Ex Tax: NZ$7.39

Super Scree Mulching Bark is a brand name of our top-selling bark mulch. It is best described as a fine "shredded looking" pine bark. It is untreated so you can rest assured that there is nothing harmful in this mulch. It becomes quite resistant to wind disturbance if kept in place for 5-6 weeks. This is best done by wetting prior to and after strong winds. We recommend that you wet it thoroughly after application, and continue this for a few weeks to help with the settling process.


What are the benefits of using Super Scree?

This bark has a number of excellent properties that will add benefits to your garden and soil.

  • Provides a cover for your plants from varying temperatures
  • Maintains a more even soil temperature
  • Prevents weeds from coming through when applied at 100mm depth
  • Helps to retain water in the soil during warmer months, meaning less demand for frequent watering
  • Helps prevent the soil getting boggy in winter and dry in summer


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