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Balcony Box
This handy tool kit is the perfect set for all balcony and terrace gardeners. The set includes ..
Ex Tax: NZ$65.65
Gardena 2hr Water Timer
What is it? The Gardena 2hr water timer allows you more freedom when it comes to watering the gar..
Ex Tax: NZ$28.26
Product Information  Great for watering smaller rectangular areas between 25m2 and 250m2. ..
Ex Tax: NZ$65.22
Gardena Hand Held Hedge Trimmer
What is it? This lightweight hand held hedge trimmer is great for trimming small hedges. It has a..
Ex Tax: NZ$318.09
Gardena Hose Connector Stop Valve 12mm
Product Information  Connector Stop Valve connects to the hose outlet.When a device such as ..
Ex Tax: NZ$7.39
Gardena Hose Connector Tail 12mm
Product Information  Hose Connector Tail goes on your hose to attach to the tap nut adaptor ..
Ex Tax: NZ$6.09
Gardena Hose Joiner / Repairer 12mm
Product Information  Got a damaged hose? This handy item connects hoses together, allowing y..
Ex Tax: NZ$3.48
Gardena Hose Tidy
What is it? This handy wall hose bracket will help you keep your hoses tidy. It is the easiest an..
Ex Tax: NZ$16.09
Gardena Polo Sprinkler 250
Great for areas around the garden that need require an even irrigation ranging from 110m2 to a maxim..
Ex Tax: NZ$44.35
Gardena Premium 19mm Hose Connector
What is it? Gardena Premium 19mm hose connector. Product Features Heavy duty Hard wear..
Ex Tax: NZ$12.17
Gardena Premium Adjustable Hose Nozzle
What is it? The Gardena Premium Metal Spray Gun Nozzle is hard wearing due to its metal component..
Ex Tax: NZ$36.61
Gardena Premium Full or Half Circle Pulse Sprinkler on Sled
What is it? Premium Gardena full or half circle pulsing sprinkler on a plastic sled. Great for ir..
Ex Tax: NZ$78.61
Gardena Rose Gatherer
The Gardena Rose Gatherer has four functions in 1 pair of scissors. You can use them to cut, hold, s..
Ex Tax: NZ$28.26
Gardena Sprinkler Stand
This sprinkler tripod is handy if you are looking to elevate your sprinkler to reach taller plants t..
Ex Tax: NZ$30.44
Gardena Tap Nut Adaptor
This Tap Nut Adaptor is easy to attach and does not require any tools. It is threaded and can be att..
Ex Tax: NZ$3.91