Lawn Fertiliser 25kg

Brand: South-Hort
Product Code: HFLF25
Reward Points: 48
Ex Tax: NZ$48.26

Are you after a lush, green lawn? South-Hort Lawn Fertiliser is designed to enhance your lawn, giving it a helpful boost when nutrients are lacking, creating a fuller, greener, lush-looking lawn. 


What are the benefits of using Lawn Fertiliser?

  • Promotes dense leaf growth
  • Encourages strong root development
  • Contains Iron for moss control and greening

How much Lawn Fertiliser do you need to use?

We recommend an application rate of 50 grams per square metre of lawn, every 2-3 months for optimal results. After each fertiliser application you must water your lawn straight away, helping the nutrients soak through and work their magic.

Helpful Hint: For more information about our lawn fertiliser, click here to go to our helpful fact sheet. 

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