Tomato Growing Mix 35L

Brand: South-Hort
Product Code: HMTM35
Reward Points: 16
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Tomato Growing Mix is the ideal choice for growing all tomato plants. It is a weed free blend of fine bark and peat with the addition of slow release fertiliser. We manufacture this product in time for planting your tomatoes at the optimal time of the year, so please call us to check we have it in stock. Tomatoes are best planted outdoors around Canterbury Anniversary Weekend, when they have the best chance of survival and the growing conditions are warm enough for them to thrive. 

What are the benefits of using Tomato Mix?

The slow release fertiliser will feed your tomato plant the essential nutrients required to produce bigger more succulent tomatoes.

  • Weed Free
  • All the nutrients required to feed your tomatoes
  • Great for in pots, containers and raised beds
  • Fine for use in garden beds

If you have a greenhouse and want to plant tomatoes, we advise waiting until the beginning of October. Our Patio Plus Potting Mix is also a great option for growing your tomatoes too.

Helpful Hint: Click here to watch a short video on how to plant tomatoes

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