Veggie Garden Fertiliser

Brand: Intelligro
Product Code: HFVGF1.5
Reward Points: 16
Ex Tax: NZ$16.09

Intelligro Veggie Fertiliser is used to encourage and promote strong plant growth and healthy vegetables. To help your plants produce a bumper crop, they will need nutrients through the season to help them sustain healthy growth.


What are the benefits of using Veggie Fertiliser?

Fertiliser helps plants to be able to produce fruit, flowers, and foliage. With vegetables that are "gross feeders" (need a lot of nutrients to make their produce) you will want to make sure they have a good supply of fertiliser through the growing season. Fertiliser will help with providing the following:

  • Excellent source of essential nutrients for growth
  • Promotes healthy growth, encourages higher yields
  • Use to rejuvenate last years growing mix


Apply 75 grams per square metre of soil around the plant's drip line (where the outer leaves reach and the water drips)

Mix into the soil and water thoroughly to help soak the nutrients into the soil. 


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