Waitaha Schist

Brand: South-Hort
Product Code: LAWS40
Reward Points: 267
NZ$308.00 /cubic metre
Ex Tax: NZ$267.83


Waitaha Schist is a highly decorative, natural resource that is mined on the West Coast of the South Island. It is used throughout the housing and landscape industries for areas that you are wanting to make a statement. It was originally used for stonemason work on houses. The smaller chip has increased in popularity on gardens, to tie the house and garden together. This product definitely adds a stunning finish to your outdoor area.


Why would I use Waitaha Schist on my Garden?

The Waitaha Schist’s deep to medium grey colour is an ideal backdrop for the shimmering flecks that run over and through the stone. The 20-40mm grade is a perfect size to contrast the bigger sized schist used on housing, while still allowing plants to bring their own personality to the garden without fear of being lost amongst big rocks. 

  •  Improves overall look
  • Highly decorative
  •  Adds character to your outdoor setting
  •  Helps maintain and even soil temperature
  •  Reduces the need for watering
  •  Helps to keep muddy areas tidy in winter
  • Helps manage areas that retain a lot of water

If you are not using weedmat, we recommend at least a 10cm layer to help prevent the weeds popping through, as well as retaining moisture. If you are using weedmat underneath, although a 10cm layer would still be beneficial, it isn't as imperative!

*Please note that if you are collecting the product, 1 scoop = .4 of a cubic metre, and is .4 of the cubic metre price. The reduction in volume is for safety reasons, as the product is very heavy.

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